Interactive video is the new learning tool!

Videos tend to be a passive experience. Great for entertainment. Not so great for, let’s say, learning. Why not make the video interactive?

Jane Hart Top 200 Learning Tools

HiHaHo rises exponentially in worldwide Top 200 Learning Tools!

This year, we rose from 69th to 59th place! And we even reached the 38th spot in the Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2019!

Video Enrichment Made Easy

After four years of development, we are proud to present our innovative software for creating your own interactive videos.

It’s easy. It’s affordable. It’s revolutionary. Why? Well, this is what makes us unique:

Three Simple Steps

Make your videos interactive in just three easy steps: Select. Enrich. Publish. And you’re done!

Personalized Production

Personalize your interactive videos with ease and watch them any place, any time, on any device.

Online Education

Incorporate your videos in your online learning programs. We support both SCORM and xAPI.

Straightforward Statistics

Gain insight into your users’ progress, success rate, and interaction with the advanced statistics.

Powerful eLearning Tool

Our company finds its roots in education, both online and offline. We expect both online learning and interactive video to become a larger aspect of education in the near future.

This is why we offer a wide array of features that will help make your video interactive and perfect for online learning. By supporting both SCORM packaging and xAPI (TinCan) connections, it’s easy for you to use these videos in your learning systems.

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