Do you want to boost the viewing time of your videos by +47%?

With hihaho, you can create engaging experiences by adding interactions to your own videos. It’s time to make your videos click. Use hihaho to create interactive video!

And there is evidence

The facts

Research shows that no less than 70% of B2B buyers choose video in the customer journey.

In learning, interactive video reduces the time to learn by 40-60% compared to traditional ways of learning.

90% of viewers can still remember what was shown and told in an
interactive video three days later. For written text this is only 10%.

Make your videos click

In just four simple steps

Select or upload your video

Upload your own video or simply use a video from Youtube, Vimeo or any other available video platform.

Make your video interactive

Add questions, chapters, buttons, links, or any other feature that our video builder offers.

Share your interactive video

Share it the way you like it: using a generic or personalized URL, an embed code, or share it via SCORM or xAPI. Watch on any device.

Measure the results

Get a detailed view of how the viewers used the video and use this data to adjust your approach.

Trusted by 10,000+ users and viewers in 150+ countries.

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March update

It’s a match: hihaho wins Groningen Open for Innovation challenge by Boom uitgevers.

On Wednesday April 7th, hihaho attended Groningen Open for Innovation, an online event hosted by Campus Groningen. Several companies, including Boom uitgevers, got the opportunity to introduce their project challenges here. Boom uitgevers issues teaching methods for secondary education. One of these methods called ‘Leefstijl’ helps teachers to better understand students’ social and emotional development.

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Did you know?

This is how international we are

Besides hihaho being an easy-to-use DIY tool, did you know that it is fully SaaS?

No more hassle with editing the source video, because you can add all kinds of interactions on hihaho’s own independent online platform.

On top of that, hihaho is available in multiple languages. You can use hihaho in English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, French, German, Portuguese and Dutch! Our player supports even more languages.

Click on the flags below to see hihaho in your language!

We have integrated with the following streaming platforms.

Rob Neeter - directeur Zorganimaties
“We can really do everything ourselves. Crucial for us, since we have already developed over 15,000 interactive videos using hihaho technology!”

 Rob Neeter,


“I found the hihaho software extremely easy to use for our client’s interactive video needs. It has helped us create results in minutes as opposed to hours.”

Peter Ramsay,

Director, The FairPlay Agency LLC

With interactive video we have specifically closed the skills gap of our employees. Hihaho enables us to easily create and update the interactive videos ourselves.

Martijn Bosman,


“We want to move with the times and in order to do so, we need a product that is able to move along with us”

Alex Dowdalls,


“Using the hihaho interactive videos made it possible for us to explain rather complicated topics in a very easy way.”

Marc Ettema,


Interactive videos are incredibly fun to create and use. They allow us to respond fast and flexible to changes within our organisation.

Jennie den Besten,

Sint Jansdal Hospital

By integrating hihaho, we deliver an even better learning experience and create more impact for our users!

Thomas Meijerink,


This was my first attempt at an interactive video and I was very impressed with your platform. Being able to offer an interactive dimension is very useful.

Jon Dorsett,

Visual facilitator

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