Using Interactive Videos
As A Questionnaire

The video below shows an example of the application of interactive video for a questionnaire about Smart Grids.



If you want to know people’s opinions about certain topics, you can create all sorts of questionnaires. And, using the internet, you can easily reach a large audience. However, some questionnaires or polls deal with difficult topics, which need further explanation before any answers can be given. Until now, there were mainly two ways to solve this problem: either give a comprehensive textual explanation to each question, or explain the subject using a separate video.

It can be argued that a video is an easier and more accessible way to inform participants, but the downside is that the video will be separate from the questionnaire. This can result in discomfort or confusion for the participant, where he or she repeatedly has to pause the video, or watch it several times to be able to answer the questions.

Interactive video provides the solution for this problem, by combining these two elements: explain difficult information to the participant using video, and import relevant questions at the right moments, connected to topics that have just been dealt with in the video. This tool could be used for research, by students and professors for example, but also by companies to measure customer satisfaction, or by the government to be used as a vote match or to investigate inhabitants’ opinions about certain topics.


Hester van Harten

Interactive Video Consultant



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