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Interactive Music Videos

Interactive videos are popping up everywhere!

More and more artists are looking for new ways to engage their audiences. Interactive music videos haven proven to be the best new tool to achieve this in the music industry.

New trends such as videos filmed with 360ᐤ cameras are on the rise. Take FOALS’ video for Mountain At My Gates as an example. In this video, you can look around during the video and see the rising mountain ranges.

But better yet, there are artists that take even bigger steps with interactive videos. They are experimenting with how they can pull you into the story of the video. I have selected five music videos that I believe are trendsetters in this area and completely engage us, the viewers.

If you are ready to join in on the fun, you will love this Top 5 Interactive Music Videos.

5. Santigold, Can’t Get Enough Of Myself

I have always dreamed of becoming a celebrity and I know you have too.

Well, you’re in luck, because Santigold allows you to be the star of your own music video.

You can join her in her video for Can’t Get Enough of Myself. By activating your webcam, you will appear everywhere in the video. I hope you’re ready to see your own face on billboards, phones, and way more.

And, if you can’t use your webcam, you can upload a photo instead!

My colleagues and I had a lot of fun taking part in this “American Vanity Epidemic”. If you can’t get enough of yourself either, take a look at yourself in this mirror.

4. Coldplay, Ink

If you would much rather watch a cute and animated story rather than obsess over yourself, fret not! In the music video for their single Ink, Coldplay tells the story of an animated man and his lover.

As you follow the man, you get a set of choices that will influence the story. It’s simplistic, yet beautiful.

The ending doesn’t change. I know, spoiler alert. But your journey to get to that ending can be very different.

The stunning artistic style makes it impossible to look away. You will spend a good while looking at what would had happened if you had chosen one of the other options.

Are you ready for your adventure?

3. Pharrell Williams, Happy

If you feel like music videos are becoming longer and longer, you’re not wrong.

Artist seem to try and outdo one another with the length of their videos. For example, you’ve got Lady Gaga’s 14-minute video for Marry The Night, Beyonce’s poetic music movie for her album Lemonade, or even their collaborative video for Video Phone.

But as is the rule in life, there has to be one always that trumps all.

And it’s Pharrell Williams that takes the cake with the world’s first-ever 24-hour music video.

In the video, you follow many people around town as they dance to the beat of Happy.

The clock shifts to a moment in the video closest to the actual time in your time zone, but you also can skip and move through the twenty-four hour video to keep on discovering fun moments.

Although I don’t know of anyone who has watched the entire 24-hour production, I challenge you to do it. But I’m not sure whether you will still like the song that much after that much exposure.

Get your dose of happiness!

2. Bob Dylan, Like A Rolling Stone

Have you ever had a song so stuck in your head that is almost seemed like you heard it everywhere?

Well, Bob Dylan’s innovative interactive music video embodies that feeling. In the music video for his song Like A Rolling Stone, you get to switch between channels on a television.

The twist is that everyone is lip-syncing to the song. Fighting reality TV stars, news anchors and the a TV chef together perform the best lip sync to date.

It is both fun and weird to be in this musical twilight song. Besides, seeing these awesome actors do perfect everyday stereotypes will easily make you spend hours skipping through channels.

Time to start looking for something to watch!

1. Kontra K, An Deiner Seite

What would you do if you were out fishing and found a dead body on the docks?

It is an unlikely scenario for most of us. I know I haven’t touched anything related to fishing since I was nine.  But this video makes an intriguing murder mystery experience out of it.

In this music video by German rapper Kontra K for his song An Deiner Seite (On Your Side), you get to switch between the past and the present.

(Don’t worry if your German is a little rusty, you can enable subtitles in the pause menu.)

By switching at the right moments, you can collect up to five clues. These clues help the fisherman to figure out what events led up to the dead body on the docks. The amount of clues you collect influences what the fisherman thinks has happened and what happens at the ending is a direct consequence of your actions.

We won’t spoil any of three endings, of course, but we can tell you that the cinematography is amazing.

The duplicate shots on both timelines make the switching between them immensely fun. It almost feels like you’re playing a video game.

The stunning cinematography and the level of interactivity makes us sure that this is the number one interactive music video. Besides, the fact that your actions determine the ending makes this video so much more interesting and fun to play with.

Let’s see how good of a detective you are!

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed this top five interactive music videos! It just comes to show how interactive videos have potential to become immensely popular and that they are great to engage viewers.

It will be a matter of time before we will be seeing more artists experiment with this format.

Of course, these productions are custom-made videos with a large budget. Luckily, interactive videos don’t have to be expensive and hard to make.

If you want to get some inspiration, check out HiHaHo’s possible interactions.

What are some of your favorite music videos that you wish were interactive?

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