User Friendly Tool Most Important For University of Twente

HiHaHo is number one in the field of interactive video learning.

The University of Twente has analysed ten potential software tools with important criteria in mind.“As an important criterion, we had defined user friendliness. Other aspects we looked at [were] to do with (licensing) costs and privacy. We also assessed if the software suppliers had experience in the educational market”, the University of Twente mentions on their website.

Eventually, HiHaHo was chosen as the best option. We find our roots in online education, as our startup was facilitated by the experiences of Icademy as an online educator.

With the ambitions to show the world what the benefits of online learning and interactive video are, it easily becomes a proud moment when a big player in the educational market decides to hop on the bandwagon and see how they can incorporate new technologies in their programs.

Interactive videos are becoming a better option to improve visual learning and the University of Twente is embracing that as of 2017.

The University is now working on a trial run with a couple of their lecturers to see what potential HiHaHo Video Enrichment has for them. The University of Twente hopes to actively engage students with the study materials.

We are happy to see that a university is looking into the possibilities of interactive video, both in traditional learning and elearning.

Ferdinand Dillema




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