Tackling Grammar
with Interactive Videos

Whether you are learning English or another language, grammar is often a big hurdle. Luckily, the internet offers many learning videos to practice these especially difficult subjects. They are useful as a practice method, but can also function as a future reference.

However, when done properly, interactive video can add an extra dimension to such learning videos. Instead of passively watching an instruction video, you can create interactive grammar lessons. Insert questions at the end of the video to practice what you’ve learned immediately after getting the information. Or begin the video with a small entry exam to test your current level.

Of course, you can create these videos as a method of testing yourself, you can also utilize these videos as class materials for your students. By inserting practice questions, your students will directly practice what they’ve learned.

And, when your interactive video tracks the results, you can also use it as an official test; not only for grammar lessons, but for so much more! Forget boring listening tests, create interactive video exams to practice the language skills of your students.

At the beginning of the article you can watch an example of an interactive grammar video about prepositions. You think you know all about the English language? Test yourself!

Hester van Harten

Interactive Video Consultant



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