The June Update

We’re here. Finally!

The world of technology is changing at a fast pace. And so are we!

In this Technical Update, you will learn about all recent changes to HiHaHo and what to expect from us in the near future.

What’s new?

We are always looking for new ways to improve our product.  So what’s new?

Get ready for the introduction of the image repository. That means that you don’t have to upload your images more than once, but you have access to all your previously used images. So basically we added a library of images you once used to ease the editing process. For instance, if you have added a logo to one of your video and you need it time and time again, you now no longer have to upload it every single time.

We’ve added new action types for the question interactions. It will now be easier for the answers given to have consequences for the progress of the viewer. That means that you can now easily decide that when someone answers A, when the answer should be B, they immediately will jump back to the beginning of the segment with the correct answer.

French will soon be available for the HiHaHo player. We have been working on being able to reach more and more people, and that includes providing a player in multiple languages. In addition to English, Dutch, and German, French will soon be available as a player language. Vos voyeurs français vont bientôt aussi puvoir regarder vos vidéos!


We have updated our method of registration. From now on, we’re sending a confirmation email to new users to check whether their email address is valid. We also updated automatic scanning of the information entered, so that you don’t have to fill out the sign-up form again when your passwords didn’t match. This will improve registration for all users.

An improvement to the enrich environment. We have updated several smaller aspects of the page, to smoothen the usability in general.

What’s HiHaHappening?

Since we’re working on improving our product, we can give you a little sneak preview of what we’re working on.

French isn’t the only language to be added for the player interface! As soon as French is fully available, you can soon expect more languages to be added. We want to make our product available for more languages, so we can reach more people around the world and to make using HiHaHo videos for language learning a lot easier.

Soon you will be able to set a specific time or interaction that will determine whether your viewer has “completed” the video, rather than having to watch till the very end. Often, the video can be regarded as “finished” after the last bit of information or even the last interaction, but until now people had to watch the entire video complete the video. With this upcoming feature, you determine when a video is officially “completed”, even when there’s still an outro, for example.

We hope to introduce an image editor soon, which, among other things, will allow you to crop your image.

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