Happy Father’s Day

For Father’s Day, we want to honor our company’s current chief, our CEO, Mark Visser.

For this occasion, we sat down with him and asked him what it was like to father a son and how that compares to leading a company.

“Parenting a son and parenting a company are similar in almost every aspect.

I gained a lot of happiness from my son, but obviously also many new responsibilities. And that’s the same with this company. That’s why I tend to see it as a family with almost the same kinds of responsibilities.

You want to take care of your kid, and also your company. It just gives you a lot of energy. And it’s incredibly fun and inspiring.

My son is learning new words every day and is starting to understand how the world works more and more. He’s one and a half years old now and it’s just great to see him grow up. And we’re kind of going through a similar phase as a company now. Every single day we improve our product and every day all of us are more skilled than the one before, because we’re all walking down a road previously not taken.

I see many similarities in this learning process. Parenting a son and a company are both immensely fun. There are many similarities; actually more similarities than differences.”


Mark Visser, CEO HiHaHo



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