The July Update

Good to see you again!

Summer has arrived!

That means we’re breaking a sweat while improving HiHaHo and also that we tend to complain about the heat.

Could we get any more Dutch?

We have compiled a list of the most important changes of the past month.
And, of course, we will also give you a little preview of what’s to come.

What’s new?

We are proud, or should I say “stolt”, to announce that we have added Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish as languages for our player.

Your viewers can now enjoy your videos in the Scandinavian languages.

Øresundsbroen between Denmark and Sweden.

To allow greater flexibility with questions in HiHaHo videos, we have added a “go back” button.

You can allow your viewers to go back to a certain time or to a previous interaction in the video for them to review the information before they answer the question.


To ease your editing experience, we have a time label on your timeline. It allows you to navigate through your video with more precision than ever before.

An example of the new time label, which can be edited to jump forwards or backwards during editing.

We have also made the feedback screen a more flexible tool.

Rather than just assigning green for correct answers and red for incorrect answers, you can now choose for the feedback screens to just be gray.

You can also opt out of the automated titles for the feedback screens, to completely eliminate the labels.

An example of a feedback screen without automated titles and the colors to indicate correctness.

Lastly, to take extra safety measures, you can now also force all users of a video container to enable two-factor authentication.

What’s HiHaHappening?

We hate to sit still, and that’s why we are happy to give a bit of a preview of what we are currently working on.

One of our biggest projects is a complete redesign of the player.

Unfortunately, we have to give ourselves some time to give it an entire new look and feel.

Currently, we are working on an easy SurfConext integration. This will be extremely useful for Dutch universities and educational institutions.

Lastly, we will introduce one of the most requested features. So far, whenever you would trim a video, the original duration of the video would still be listed.

Soon, your viewers won’t be scared by a video duration of ten minutes, while your version only lasts for four minutes.

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