How Not Committing To
A Customer-Oriented Approach
Loses You 10% Extra Sales

In spring 2015, a loyal client of ours invited us to do a pilot project because they were looking for a new approach to boost their sales. We set out to help them by implementing a Triple Blend Learning program to train their employees to become more customer-oriented.

Triple Blend Learning would incorporate interactive video in addition to elearnings and personal training. The initial program piloted in eleven of their stores.

We boosted their sales with 10% by simply training personnel to be more customer-oriented!


Our client, Scapino, is a Dutch footwear and outdoor product retailer whose name, products, and brand are well-known across The Netherlands. They have almost 300 stores nationwide. We had already worked with them on several occasions for elearnings, and it was a pleasure to work with them again for this pilot program.

This project was set up in close cooperation with OVD Opleidingen Retail (OVD Retail Training). They specialize in skill trainings in classroom settings, so they took care of the offline component. We then took care of all the online components.

How We Knew It Was Working

During the pilot, Scapino continuously compared the pilot stores to eleven non-participant shops as a reference group. They were selected based on several similarities such as the size of the stores, general sales, the demographics, and several other criteria.

Besides holding the pilot stores to this benchmark, we also compared the results of the same time period of the previous year biweekly.

The project was aptly named “Klanthousiast 2.0”, which is a portmanteau of “klant” customer and “enthousiast” enthusiastic.

The Half-Year Training

From January until June, the store managers participated in an intensive group training for them to eventually share their learning experiences with the sales staff. In addition, professionals trained in the field of customer service visited the participating stores to practice common real-life situations with the personnel.

Every staff member involved was also asked to follow an elearning covering the main themes of customer service. In this elearning, a complete model for sales talks was discussed.

After the initial two months, all staff members received an invitation to watch a short interactive video, also known as a learning booster. They received this at the same time every week via mail while they were at work.

Making The Videos Effective And Recognizable

The aim of the videos was for the employees to better retain the information provided during the courses. It was important that the videos showed familiar situations, so the videos were shot in three of the eleven participating stores. These videos featured Scapino employees that had a knack for acting.

Each video discussed one single central subject which was discussed in the training. These themes included:

  • Greeting the customer
  • Observing the customer
  • Referring customer to a colleague
  • Probing questions during sales talks
  • Dealing with customer complaints

Because the videos were brief, most employees watched the video right after receiving the email with the video. Our statistics also show that most of the employees watched the video on their mobile devices.

A Promising Pilot

Halfway through the pilot program, the commercial manager decided he no longer wanted to wait until the end of the project to expand. We soon began with follow-ups in 50 other Scapino stores.

Thanks to HiHaHo’s compatibility with xAPI, Scapino was able to easily keep track of all statistics and could easily study the correlation between the results of every store individually and the statistics of how many of the staff members had actually watched the videos.

Eventually, we were able to report a 10% growth for the stores that did have the Triple Blend program.

Gert van Enk

Interactive Video Consultant



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