Employee Onboarding Revolutionized By Interactive Video

There. You have just gone through an extensive application procedure to find the perfect candidate for your vacancy. They’re great, they’re hired, you’re done! Right?

Well, no…

Your new hire can’t just walk into their new office, sit down at their new desk, and start with their new job. When a new hire joins your company, you need to ensure that from day one, well, actually even from minute one, your new employee is invested in the company, their job, and their role amidst the gears and grinds of your company.

And that may seem difficult at first, but interactive video has revolutionized the way companies can approach onboarding. How?

Setting Up Onboarding Videos

Let’s start at the beginning. So you have set up an onboarding program, or you’re about to, but you’ll probably run into some common problems. The new hire’s job will entail more than just a list of task, the company culture is complicated, there are heaps of information they’ll need to know, and, they’ll have to be integrated ASAP.

To try and fix that, many companies have started using onboarding videos. But when you’ll incorporate interactive video into your company’s onboarding, things will instantly become easier for you. A lot easier.

An example of a non-interactive onboarding video; Trivago gives an introduction to their onboarding proces.

Preparing For Their First Day

When your new hire arrives at the office for their first day, it is often not clear to them what exactly they will have to do. Of course, they’ve read your job description, but that’s nothing more than a general description.

When you assign your new hire an introduction video, you can illustrate the job by showing them exactly what a day at the office will look like. Because you can’t put everything into words, the video will help you out a great deal.

By adding interactions to your onboarding video, your new hire can immediately engage with the material and familiarize themselves.

Them vs. Your Company Culture

Getting to know all the ins and outs of a new company can be pretty hard. Not only do they need to socialize and network, but they will also need to learn everything about how people interact with each other at your company.

By introducing your company, its culture, and its people you can help them along pretty far. A video about everyday life at the office, about how things work around there, and about who is on your team could help your new hire along the way pretty easily.

You can make the video a fun quiz or an informative video with which your new hire can truly interact.

For instance, our brief introduction video is a great introduction to anyone new to our company. It functions as a welcoming video for both customer and colleague. For broader onboarding, this video could be expanded on.

Heaps of Information

When someone’s new to your company, they probably know nothing more than the superficial aspects. They need to be explained where the company has come from, what its core values are, but also how many vacation days they’ll have.

All of this information needs to be given to them, rather than that your new hire will have to ask for all of these things individually.

By creating an interactive and navigable video, this information suddenly becomes easily available for them, and they can review it whenever they need a reminder.

Fast Integration

To ensure that your new employee loves doing their job and will become a more productive and loyal employee, you need to make sure that you put in the best effort to get them started. And most importantly, you need to do this fast.

If you have an interactive video with all the information your new hire needs to know, you can fasttrack this process.

You can incorporate all the forms and information and engagement in your videos. Your new hire could even already participate in the video before they arrive at the office for their first day, making the onboarding process easier for you, too.

Their First Month

All you need to get going is to shoot your own video, which, yes, is possible on almost no budget at all. Enrich it and voilà!

And if you want to go the extra mile, you can even take it a step further. You could make a series of shorter videos to guide your new employee for the entire first month. By making the educational sections of onboarding much more fun and engaging for both you and your new hire, means that you can focus on integrating them completely and successfully.

And when you combine that with a support system from more experienced colleagues and a smooth integration of the new hire into the company’s culture, you will ensure that you will have a loyal new employee from day one!

Are you excited to start using interactive video for onboarding?

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