The September Update

Back To The Office

September has arrived, which means the leaves are falling and everyone at the coffee machine is talking about their vacation.

It’s the New Year of the offices. That often also means that many of you are hiring, which means that you need to onboard.

Fun fact: Did you know that Interactive Video is perfect for that?

Welcome To HiHaHo

Last month, to prove to everyone that you can easily make a proper interactive video without much of a budget, we made a new video to welcome visitors to our website to HiHaHo.

With a colleague’s old camera, some good lights, and the acting skills of some of his colleagues, our editor Fer set out to make this video.

We only really invested in lamps, because fluorescent lights tend not to bring out the best in people.

Curious to see the final product?

Improvements Coming Your Way

We recently reported that we were working on a new audio interaction.

And we’re happy to announce it’s currently in testing and will soon be added as an eleventh category of interactions. With this interaction, you will be able to add sounds such as beeps, whooshes, bangs, splats, and vrooms.

We’re also working on personal statistics.

We find it important that you have the best experience possible with HiHaHo. Many of you would like to track personal statistics and soon you’ll be able to do so! When you have variables in place, such as an email address or a name, you will be able to see individual statistics based on those variables.

A Little Preview

You might remember when we mentioned we were working on a new design for the player. And in this newsletter, we’d like to take the opportunity to show you a little preview of what’s to come.

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