The October Update

Top 200 Tools for Learning

Last week, we received the amazing news that we made a surprise entrance on Jane Hart’s annual top 200 of learning tools for the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies.

This top 200 consists of the best tools available to use for learning, ranking YouTube, Google Drive, and Wikipedia as some of the top tools currently in use.

We landed on the 108th spot, as one of the highest ranking newcomers and interactive video tools out there. Hereby outranking amazing tools such as MailChimp and Google Translate

We also came in as the 74th best tool on their Top 100 Workplace Learning tools!

What’s New?

Our latest changes and updates will go live next week, and that’s why we’d like to let you know what to expect after a month’s work.

We’re introducing statistics based on optional variables. With optional variables, you were already able to collect data from your viewers, such as their names and email addresses.

Now it will also be possible to get an insight into the statistics of their viewing sessions and scores, based on their email addresses, for example.

We also updated the image interaction, which will make it easier to display images in fullscreen.

And last but not least, you will be able to export your video as a Microsoft Excel file, which will include data such as the questions and their possible answers. This makes it easier to translate entire videos, for example.

Tricks or Treats

With next week’s update, we will also be adding two new features.

You can enable an “X” button on the menu interaction, which will allow viewers to exit the menu and continue the video. This will come in handy for all those menus that don’t have a “continue video” item.

We will also add the option to place the player bar underneath the video instead of at the bottom of the video. When enabled, the player bar will no longer cover any subtitles or anything else on the bottom-end of your screen.

(West) Frisian as a new player language

On the 26th of September, it was the European Day of Languages.

And to celebrate the plethora of European languages, we felt that our country’s second official language would be a great addition to our player languages.

That’s why (West) Frisian will be added as a new player language this month.

Keep an eye out on our website or social media to see when you can start creating your own Frisian “fideo”.

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