We Say “Wolkom” To Frisian!


Lytse talen maitsje de wrâld grutter (Small languages make the world bigger) was the slogan last September when the European Day of Languages was celebrated in Friesland.

And as a Dutch company, we felt that the second official language of the Netherlands was a necessary addition to our player languages. Our editor from Friesland went to work right away and now we’re happy to present you with a Frisian HiHaHo player (You can find more information on what a player language is here)!

Now that HiHaHo has expanded its repertoire of player languages, we hope to be multifunctional for Dutch schools that teach in both English and Dutch and even Frisian or companies that operate in these languages. And we haven’t forgotten our neighbors in the north where Frisian is a part of daily life in many schools and companies.

Wolsto ek sa’n Fryske fideo maitsje? Probearje HiHaHo fergees foar tritich dagen.

Ferdinand Dillema




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