Guidiance & HiHaHo Join Forces

Guidiance is one of the easiest ways to create and share learnings.

Guidiance helps people to easily share knowledge; the platform is currently used by coaches, teachers and companies.

Most learning is done on-the-job, but companies struggle to properly save learnings and best practices. Learnings such as best practices, instructions, case studies and onboarding material get lost in e-mails, intranet or documents, making people re-inventing the wheel. On the Guidiance platform, you can easily create learnings (best practices, courses, instructions, case studies etc.), making them easy to find and to interact on. Guidiance even take a step further as they are able to integrate learnings inside their core software products, such as SalesForce, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Slack and Workplace by Facebook.

The quality of learnings is very important to Guidiance and HiHaHo, as are the tools to create these learnings. We’re happy that they’re launching a collaboration with us, so their users are also able to add interactive videos to their learnings, in addition to text, regular video, images, quizzes, etc. We offer in-video quizzes and exams, text, hotspots, and way more without having to actually edit the footage itself. By integrating HiHaHo, the most user-friendly tool to create interactive videos, Guidiance delivers an even better learning experience and create more impact for their users.

Visit Guidiance’s website for more information or if you want to get started with Guidiance.

Or learn more about how Guidiance can integrate with Microsoft Teams.

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