An Interview with Mark Visser
by xapiapps

Recently, our friends over at xapiapps interviewed our CEO Mark Visser. Earlier this year, Alex Trevarrow sat down with Mark Visser (over Skype) to discuss why microlearning is still the next big thing.

Here’s an excerpt:

Q: How does interactive video work in the retail field?

A: “It is useful for two things (1) for customer satisfaction, to teach young employees and (2) is coaching on the job. We provide learning boosters so they can serve themselves once a week or every two weeks.

Q: So they can be contextual as well? they can be implemented at any stage of the process where most necessary?

A: Of course! But it’s all up to you (the learner). You could watch a small piece of content, or continue on. It makes learning modular, which can make it more fun. We like to say: “Don’t waste time & resources re-learning, only learn whats really important by making it more fun”

To read the full interview and article, visit our friends at xapiapps!

This interview has been published as part of an ebook on Learning Experience Design.

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