The November Update

We’re Launching
Our Biggest Update Yet

What’s New?

Two New Interactions!

Have you always wanted to zoom in on a specific part of the video? Now you can! We’re introducing an all-new zoom interaction! You no longer have the hassle of having to see the bigger picture; just zoom in on the small portion of your screen you actually want to show.

We heard your requests! You want to add sounds to your video. A swoosh? A bang? A kablamboosh? We made it possible! With this new interaction, you can add small sound files to your video. Did someone swear in your video? Well, now you can add a beep to mask their indecent language!

A New Feature For Questions

Sometimes, you just don’t know the answer to a question. And to make life easier for people like that, we’re adding the “back button” feature. With this new setting, you can link to a different web page where your viewers can learn more. Or you could add a jump back to an earlier time in the video, so they can watch it again.

Exporting Videos

Moreover, you are now able to export your videos to Microsoft Excel. With all the data and text of your video condensed into one document, it will become incredibly easy to, for example, translate all the questions and interactions of a video. No more tedious hopping from one interaction to the other to see what needs to be translated, but just collecting all the text in your video in one go. Please note it’s not yet possible to also import this file back into a video, but exporting your video is an easy way of collecting all data and all the text that needs translating.

Added Player Bar Options

Ever got annoyed when the player bar would cover something important in your video, such as subtitles? Well, we did! And some of you did, too. That’s why you can now decide for yourself whether or not you want the player bar to appear on top of your video or underneath it, no longer covering any part of the video. Problem solved!

In Other News…

Guidiance To Incorporate HiHaHo Tool

Guidiance offers one of the easiest ways to create and share learnings.

We’re happy that Guidiance is launching a collaboration with us, so that their users are also able to add interactive videos to their learnings, in addition to text, regular video, images, quizzes, etc. By integrating HiHaHo, Guidiance delivers an even better learning experience and create more impact for their users.

Our New Player Language!

As it is the second official language of the Netherlands, we felt it was time to celebrate the diversity of the native languages of our country by adding Frisian to our player languages.

Interested in seeing a demo that is completely in Frisian? We’ve made a brief video that discusses Frisian model Doutzen Kroes and her role in the Praat Mar Frysk (You can just speak Frisian) campaign.

We are currently working on adding more languages to our list of player languages.

Can you guess which language we’ll introduce?

Here’s a hint: This language is a major language spoken on the archipelago in South East Asia! It’s the native language to 43 million people and is spoken as a second language by an astonishing 156 million people!

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