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The Gamification Potential of Interactive Video

Even though it has been around for several years already, interactive video is often still considered a novelty. The first companies specializing in tools for creating interactive videos are starting to establish themselves in the e-learning sector, moviemaking sector, and many other corners of the corporate world.

The perk of still being in this early development state is this: There are no rules!

And, considering the fact that all these companies have completely different backgrounds, they also have different interpretations of the possibilities of interactive videos.

The Funny Thing About Interactive Video

The fact that everyone unanimously claims that interactive video is fun, doesn’t make it hard to believe that the entertainment sector has started using interactive video. Even big names such as YouTube are slowly incorporating more interactive elements on their website.

There are even artists that enrich their music videos by adding interactive elements.

You might also like our article about “Top 5 Interactive Music Videos“. Click on the image below to watch an amazing interactive music video called “An Deiner Seite”.

Another industry that’s experimenting with interactive video is, prepare for the shock, the video industry.

Instead of having viewers simply watch a movie, they can now let the viewer “join in” and create an even more realistic experience than 3D movies or virtual reality can, especially by combining elements of all of them.

You Can Decide The Fate Of The Protagonist

What if you could decide how the movie ends or whether the protagonist survives the battle or not?

Let’s dig in with some examples, shall we?

This is an interactive short film developed by the Filmakademie in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It has all the elements of a zombie movie, viewer discretion advised, but it puts you in control. But they didn’t make it easy for you.

Instead of simply having you choose the path the story will take, they added a gaming element. In order to bring the story to a happy ending and to figure out what actually happened, you have to correctly fulfill several assignments for the main character.

And there’s more! For example, if you are more into music quizzes or basketball (stretching the segue here), Eko has some interactive videos for you to try out!

Why Learning Never Ends, However

Here at HiHaHo, we obviously use interactive video for learning purposes and our tool has been developed with that purpose in mind. But we can still learn a lot from all these examples, because, games are also great for teaching, aren’t they?

Let the creativity begin!

Hester van Harten

eLearning Developer



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