Bahasa Indonesia

Selamat datang Bahasa Indonesia! Sudah berbahasa Indonesiakah?

We have added the Indonesian language to the HiHaHo Player. That means your viewers can now watch your videos entirely in Indonesian.

If you’ve always wanted to make a video about why the Garuda is significant to Indonesia or about how Bali is a great holiday destination, you can now do that in Indonesian with HiHaHo.

Changing your video’s language is easy! Just go to your video settings by clicking on the small gear next to the preview button when you’re editing and then change the language to Bahasa Indonesia. All standard phrases in the player will now be in Indonesian, such as “Pilih satu jawaban.” instead of “Select one answer”.

If you need some inspiration for a video, just check out our demo video above! My dear colleague Gert created an interactive video by using an interview with Bpk. Mahfud MD by KompasTV’s Kamidia Radisti.

The new additional player language is already online, so you can start working on an Indonesian video right away!

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