HiHaHo/Icademy is teaming up with AVRGE!

Almost everyone carries around their smartphone every day and the both of us want everyone to experience the world by unlocking their smartphones’ potential. The technology in our hand and all around us is changing every day and we aim to introduce new ways to simplify doing everyday tasks.

At AVRGE and HiHaHo/Icademy, we stand for the same core principles, namely simplicity and accessibility. In an increasingly digital world where our attention spans seem to keep on getting shorter, we are looking for ways to keep people entertained and informed. HiHaHo’s interactive video and AVRGE’s augmented and virtual reality offer a solution to this problem.

Our goal is to become even better every single day and we expect to learn a lot from each other. We look forward to a fruitful cooperation!

Ferdinand Dillema




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