The January Update

A Plea For Smartphones

We carry around a computer smarter than the rockets that brought men to the moon. It’s a supercomputer and it’s just sitting there in our pockets.

Our phone has replaced many things; our alarm clock, calculator, GPS, flashlight, calendar, newspaper, and many more are now on one device.

So why are we not using our camera even more?

Most people already use their phone for their selfies, holiday pics, and more, so isn’t it odd that we don’t use our phones for film shoots more often?

Small-scale video productions can easily be done with a good smartphone!

Let’s dig in:

How Me Being Cheap
Saved Me Money During A Film Shoot

“I could’ve done without the expensive camera. If my colleague hadn’t lent me his camera, I would’ve had to buy or rent one, which would both have been more expensive than what I already had in my pocket everyday.

However, going into the project we never expected that my smartphone would play such a big part.”

Video Productions On A Budget Without Outsourcing
(Or Just A Little)

“If you want to make a brief interactive video that you’re only going to use in your classroom or office, there’s no need for a Hollywood production.

The reality of the situation is that if you don’t have the money, you shouldn’t spend it. If you can’t get the funding, don’t spend it.”

How To Make A Hamburger:
Filmed With A Phone

Recently, we filmed a short instructional video for Lekkerland about how the perfect hamburger is made. The entire project was shot with mobile phones.

Kirsten created a short behind-the-scenes to show you how easy it is to set up a video production with your smartphone.

AVRGE Is Teaming Up With HiHaHo

AVRGE and HiHaHo want everyone to experience the world by unlocking their smartphones’ potential.

The technology in our hand and all around us is changing every day and we aim to introduce new ways to simplify doing everyday tasks.



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