The February Update

What’s New?

We’re about to release a new update for HiHaHo! We’ve been working on several tweaks to our tool and this is what we’ll be introducing next week.

More Audio? More Audio!

Are you enjoying the audio interaction? We love it so much that we’re adding the audio interaction to more things.

At first, this was a standalone interaction, but now you can play an audio file at the beginning of your question. You could give your viewers an audio cue for the questions, for example.

Moreover, an audio interaction on click, for example for Hotspots or buttons, is also in the works.

The Feedback Screen’s New Button

Have you tried out the new back button? We have already added a button to our question interactions with which you can jump back to an earlier point in the video or link to an external source for more information.

You will now also be able to add such a button to the feedback screen, in case you want your viewers to learn more or review something they might’ve missed in the video after they answered the question.

Keeping Track Of Your Videos

We’re also adding a minor yet immensely handy feature to your video containers. You’ll see an indication of how many videos you already have in HiHaHo and how many are left within your subscription. This will make it easier for you to manage your total number of videos without going over your subscription maximum without realizing it.

All videos that are not offline, e.g. unlisted or online, count towards your subscription total.

In The Reading Mood?

” An organization with about a 1,000 employees would waste close to 6,000 hours because they forgot what they were supposed to know. These are hours spent googling information, asking colleagues, and flipping through notes to figure out what they had to remember.

The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve shows that there is an exponential loss of retained information, with a steep drop in the first twenty minutes and the first couple of days. “



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