The March Update

What’s New?

In our previous newsletter, we announced several new features. These features are now available in HiHaHo. In this newsletter, you can find inspiration and tips on how to use our newest additions in your own interactive videos!



From now on you can play an audio file at the beginning of a question. This has a lot of advantages and makes interactive video even more accessible! By adding extra audio files, you can add a ‘voice-over’. This can make a huge difference for certain people, for example for people who have reading difficulties. Or you can add sound effects. Get creative!

Tackling Grammar with Interactive Videos

Interactive video can be very suitable to use for grammar lessons. Especially combined with our new audio function. Check out our demo here. “When you are learning a language, grammar is often a big hurdle. Luckily, the internet offers many learning videos to practice these difficult subjects. However, interactive video can add an extra dimension to such learning videos.”

Next Learning 2018

Every year we’re excited to visit the Next Learning Congress; an inspirational event for Learning Professionals about the newest learning innovations. We will present HiHaHo at the Learning Playground. Feel free to meet us there on April 24th!

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When a new employee joins your company, you need to ensure that, from day one, they are invested in the company and their job. And that may seem difficult at first, but interactive video has revolutionized the way companies can approach onboarding.

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