The April Update

What’s New?

Lately, we’ve noticed that more and more people are discovering the possibilities of HiHaHo. How will you increase the impact of your interactive video?


Combining interactions

Did you know that combining interactions will give you way more possibilities than you may have thought at first? For instance, you could combine the Pause Screen interaction with the Hotspot interaction to add extra information. Want to know what this looks like? See it for yourself in this video we put together!

¿Hablas Español?

We are currently working on adding Spanish to our list of player languages. That means your viewers can soon watch your videos entirely in Spanish. Changing your video’s language is easy! Just go to your video settings by clicking on the small gear next to the preview button when you’re editing and then change the language to Spanish.

In the classroom

With the Internet, tablets and smartphones all available in a modern-day classroom, there is plenty of listening material at hand to contribute to language teaching. It is not difficult to turn any ordinary YouTube video into an interactive exercise.

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Principles of multimedia learning

When you’re setting out to create an interactive video, you will probably wonder how you can truly engage your viewers without the face-to-face interaction. The twelve principles of multimedia learning helps you to reach interactive video’s full potential.

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