The May Update

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New languages added

Did you know that there are eleven different languages available for the HiHaHo player? Buttons, feedback titles and all other built-in aspects of the video will be shown in the language of your choice. Our newest additions are Italian and Spanish. Fantastico!

Smooth transition

Everybody loves a smooth transition. That’s why we’ve added a new option to our Pause Screen interaction, to prevent the audio from stopping abruptly. You are now able to let the audio fade out and in when adding a Pause Screen. Pretty neat, right?

Establishing the importance of video

Who dares to say that video has no impact? Research has shown that video is the best medium for conveying knowledge and messages. Want to know more? Check out our first blog in a four-part blog series.

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Cheap interactive
video productions

You like the idea of interactive videos, but you can’t find a suitable video to use? The best solution would be to create your own video, which is actually less expensive than you might think…

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