The Summer Update

What’s New?

Summer has arrived, which means people have more time on their hands and might use this to surf on the internet and watch online videos. This could be your moment to share your interactive videos!


Click to play

Because of Google’s new policy, videos will no longer start automatically when you open them. This means you’ll always have to click on the play button first. On the bright side: now, when you visit a website and there is a video on the homepage you didn’t notice, you won’t get a scare when it suddenly starts playing.

Blazingly fast

Have you noticed anything different about HiHaHo lately? Last month, our development team has worked very hard to upgrade our infrastructure. The result? HiHaHo is faster than ever before! This will make it even easier to create interactive videos. So go ahead and enjoy our tool, while we’ll keep improving it!

Employee onboarding: Tips and tricks

Did you know you could use interactive video to make employee onboarding easier and less expensive? We wrote a blog about this with some tips and tricks. Spoiler: one company saved 13.9 million dollars by switching to video training!

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Interactive Music

More and more artists are looking for new ways to engage with their audiences. If you are ready to join in on the fun, you will love our Top 5 Interactive Music Videos. Get inspired!

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