The September Update

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Full screen?

Ever felt like your video should switch back from full screen automatically after the video has finished playing? Recently, we have created this option. Add this feature to your video in just a few steps for even more convenience.
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HiHaHo & Eduhint team up!

We aim to make video enrichment as easy as possible. That’s why we worked on an integration together with Eduhint, an intelligent learning environment from the Netherlands. From now on, teachers using Eduhint can enrich their interactive videos directly in their LMS. This makes it even easier to share videos with students.

Top Tools for Learning

Every year, Jane Hart compiles a list of the best Learning Tools. This year, we aim to reach the top
100! If you like HiHaHo, please vote for us! The voting closes midday GMT, Friday 14 September

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How to increase employees’ memory

We all know it’s very hard to remember everything, right? Especially if there is an overload of information to process. This can easily be tackled by using online learning boosters.


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