Jane Hart Top 200 Learning Tools

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HiHaHo rises exponentially in worldwide Top 200 Learning Tools! Celebrate with us!

Last year, HiHaHo entered the internationally highly respected Top 200 Learning Tools by Jane Hart, by taking the 108th spot. This year, we have reached the 69th spot! And we even reached the 49th spot in the Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2018!

Jane Hart

Jane Hart is a renowned learning guru from the United States who presents her Top 200 every year. This list is established by letting those who use these tools vote for their favorites. For us, this is a great confirmation that our users appreciate the convenience and usability of HiHaHo!

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About the Top 200 Learning Tools by Jane Hart

Since 2007 Jane Hart at the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies has been compiling an annual Top Tools for Learning List from the results of an open survey. The survey is now in its 12th year. These Top Tools lists now constitute an important and interesting longitudinal study not just into the popularity of tools for learning but into learning behaviour. More information

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