The October Update

What’s New?

This month we have received amazing news! HiHaHo has risen substantially in the worldwide Top 200 Learning Tools. Read more about this and our newest features in this month’s newsletter!


Top 200 Learning Tools!

HiHaHo landed the 69th spot on Jane Hart’s Top 200 Learning Tools 2018. We are very proud of this, considering that last year we nearly entered the Top 100. This time we even reached the 49th spot in the Top 100 Workplace Learning Tools. We want to thank all voters! Read more about this news in our article.

Progress markers

What part of the video did your viewers watch? Sometimes you would like to know this in detail. To keep tabs on this, we designed ‘progress markers’. Every time a viewer passes these invisible markers, his or her progress will be registered. Go to the advanced video settings to start tracking the progress of new viewers!

Track your changes

Have you noticed our new ‘Video changes’ page? On this page you can track all the changes you or your coworkers made to a video, which makes it even easier to create videos together! Learn more.

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Video based learning

Want to find out more about the importance of video based learning for employee training? Discover five reasons to use video learning for training employees!


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