HiHaHo and upcoming trends according to Jane Hart

HiHaHo and upcoming trends in online learning according to Jane Heart

This year, HiHaHo climbed up the ladder and has risen 39 places in the Top 200 Tools for Learning! We’ve managed to reach an impressive 59th spot in the Top 100 Tools for Education and the 49th spot in the Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning!

Jane Hart, who composed this list, is an internationally renowned and beloved speaker in the field of Modern Workplace Learning. She is the founder of the acclaimed Center for Learning & Performance Technologies, also known as C4LPT. She has also analyzed the upcoming trends within online learning based on the Top Tools for Learning.

Interactive video

Firstly, interactive video is named as one of the most influential upcoming trends within online learning, HiHaHo being explicitly mentioned as an example. The analysis has shown that applications that support content development, such as interactive video by HiHaHo, are becoming more and more important.

Other trends

Jane Hart’s analysis tells us that web resources are dominantly present in the market. Social networks remain valuable, but the popularity of the different types of media is changing.
Web courses are gaining popularity and there is a subtle, yet evident shift from course to content development.
Workplace learning is becoming more personal and important. Tools for teamwork are more frequently implemented for social learning in the workplace.

Specific developments

Specific developments are also mentioned in the analysis, of which the shift from conference calls to video conferencing might be considered one of the most remarkable outcomes. Actively involving the audience via audience participation as an effective learning method during conferences and other events is gaining importance.

HiHaHo and the identified trends

HiHaHo is a DIY, “Do It Yourself”, learning tool that follows the concept of Micro Video Learning in which one specific topic is dealt with. Thanks to HiHaHo’s Play List feature, it is now possible to integrate all individual learning videos in a logical order, creating a full-fledged training package.

Ever since HiHaHo started developing the tool, creating interactive video in the workplace has played an essential role. By using the principles of blended learning and personalizing the tool, the added value of HiHaHo and interactive video as a learning tool in general are demonstrated in Hart’s analysis.

Jane Hart identifies social learning as an upcoming trend. HiHaHo is very suitable for personalized and social learning in the workplace. Because HiHaHo is a DIY tool, it enables you to create interactive videos in collaboration with colleagues. You can even use interactive video to train other colleagues with regard to their skills or knowledge, involving yourself and your colleagues in the learning process.



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