Combine eLearning and video

Get the best of both worlds

Do you develop eLearning courses in EasyGenerator? Then we’ve got great news for you! You can embed your interactive videos in your courses. No need for a separate URL!

Many of our customers choose to combine eLearning and video. Why? Because eLearning is very useful to share more complicated information, while video can show you what this information looks like in real life situations. For example, if your audience needs to know what they should do when a customer returns a product, you can use e-learning to explain all the steps. Then, you can add a video showing a conversation between a salesclerk and a customer. This way, videos can contribute to the learner’s learning experience by making the information more specific and recognizable.

Secondly, you can use video to emphasize and repeat the information you think is most important. As you know, information is best remembered by learners when they come across it a few times. This is also why we call our videos ‘Learning Boosters’, because they boost the memory of your viewer.

How does it work?
So what is EasyGenerator? Click here to take a look! This tool makes it easy for you to create courses that are beautifully designed and fun to do, because you can construct all kinds of interactive questions. When you’d like to add a video to this course, check out the video below to see how to do this. If you would prefer to read the instruction instead, we’ve also written the steps down for you.


1. Open your video in HiHaHo and go to ‘Video settings’.
2. Click on the button ‘Show embed code’.
3. Copy the embed code.
4. Go to your EasyGenerator course.
5. Add new content to your course and choose ‘Media’.
6. An example video will be added to your course. On the left, there will be a button that says: “Change video”.
7. Paste the embed code and click on ‘Ok’.
8. Now, you’ve added a HiHaHo video to your course. Well done! The learning efficiency of your viewers will increase for sure!


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