The Best Interactive Videos for Healthcare in 2021

Interactive videos aren’t just for highlighting the latest fashion trends; they may also benefit healthcare services. Healthcare interactive videos can help patients or anyone involved in the healthcare or medical field to understand a particular topic more.  Interactive video is also great for healthcare learning . When it comes to healthcare practices, it is preferable […]

The Best Shoppable Interactive Video for 2021

Interactive videos are on the rise and they have a significant advantage compared to reading an entire web page of a product or service’s information. Another advantage of embedding interactive videos in your website is it permits the users to have their own decision-making and a sense of user control. Also, interactive videos are fun […]

Top 5 Interactive Music Videos

More and more artists are looking for new ways to engage their audiences. Interactive music videos have proven to be the best new tool to achieve this in the music industry. New trends such as videos filmed with 360ᐤ cameras are on the rise. Take FOALS’ video for Mountain At My Gates as an example. […]

Anglure: pioneers in simplexity

One of our partners, Anglure, is a content marketing agency that is on top of everything related to video communication and marketing. They’re dedicated to bringing high quality brand stories to life with a results-oriented mindset. Anglure has everything necessary for successful storytelling, content creation and online marketing. They’re pioneers in simplexity: refining something complex […]

StoryTemple’s immersive story presentations

When presenting, have you ever experienced difficulty with conveying your message in the best way possible? Even though you spend a lot of time and effort on your presentation, it still might not end up as perfect as you want it to be. Investing in templates for PowerPoint or third party designers could be an […]

Reference by Alex Dowdalls from Axveco

Axveco logo

Axveco collaborated with hihaho to create new learning paths for subjects like Data Driven business models, Data Management and Artificial Intelligence. This was triggered when Alex Dowdalls, Managing Director at Axveco, heard feedback from a participant on a competitors’ innovation and digital transformation programme. They were not very enthusiastic about the appearance of the training […]

Goviideo turns customer journeys into interactive customer experiences

Goviideo logo

Our partner Goviideo Interactive specializes in helping companies with advertising and communication challenges that they have to face in a rapidly evolving and constantly changing market environment. Goviideo creates interactive videos that offer a complete customer experience, from beginning to end of the buying process. A successful cooperation Goviideo reached out to hihaho as they […]

The story of CAREanimations’ success with interactive video

Many people find it difficult to understand the information in a leaflet. Up to 40% of medicines are not used properly or not used at all. This is why CAREanimations decided to turn leaflets into interactive animated videos. Now, they are at 12.452 videos and still counting. Here is their success story! For 30%-60% of […]

A reallife example – Walking alongside a safety inspector

Considering the fact that interactive video is still a new concept to a lot of people, many may wonder what the possibilities are. And you might be one of them. That is why we have selected a special case for you: an interactive movie about an emergency lighting inspector. Famostar Emergency Lighting is a company […]