Top 5 music videos that should have been interactive

Do you ever watch a music video and wish that you could interact with it? Or that you could change the storyline of the music video? We do! Considering that creating interactive videos is what we’re passionate about, we think about interactive music videos quite often. So often that we decided to compile a list […]

Top 5 Interactive Music Videos

More and more artists are looking for new ways to engage their audiences. Interactive music videos have proven to be the best new tool to achieve this in the music industry. New trends such as videos filmed with 360ᐤ cameras are on the rise. Take FOALS’ video for Mountain At My Gates as an example. […]

How to use hihaho to create a game

Did you know that you can use hihaho to create a video game? We didn’t, at first. We used hihaho mostly for creating videos for educational and sales purposes. But then, a few of our colleagues got very creative! They share their experiences and tips in this article. Maybe you’ve seen our blog about the […]