The Best Interactive Videos for Healthcare in 2021

Interactive videos aren’t just for highlighting the latest fashion trends; they may also benefit healthcare services. Healthcare interactive videos can help patients or anyone involved in the healthcare or medical field to understand a particular topic more.  Interactive video is also great for healthcare learning . When it comes to healthcare practices, it is preferable […]

The story of CAREanimations’ success with interactive video

Many people find it difficult to understand the information in a leaflet. Up to 40% of medicines are not used properly or not used at all. This is why CAREanimations decided to turn leaflets into interactive animated videos. Now, they are at 12.452 videos and still counting. Here is their success story! For 30%-60% of […]

The benefits of interactive video in health care

89.1% of the health care professionals want to learn more using interactive video. What are their reasons? How can hihaho improve the quality of health care? Our new partner in health care, Profportaal Zorg (PPZ), explains. PPZ and hihaho did a survey in 2019 among six hospitals in the Netherlands about interactive video. Some members […]