5 Reasons To Train Employees Via Interactive Video

In our previous blog, you read all about the employee onboarding process, which components to use and how to optimize it with video. The bottom-line was make sure you do your onboarding right. That post was kind of a side track, it wasn’t all about videos. But it’s not just about onboarding, it’s about the […]

A Closer Look: Employee Onboarding

In our previous blog, we talked about why using videos in your organization is important. We mentioned one of the possible internal uses of video: employee onboarding. We often see this go wrong. It doesn’t matter what type of company you are or at what stage of growth, nowadays almost everything is done digitally. The […]

How To Increase Employees’ Memory with Interactive Videos

Performance support interactive video

Remembering can sometimes be tricky. Haven’t you ever experienced that you were supposed to learn something from a seminar, but you just couldn’t help but forget at least half of what you were supposed to remember. Or worse, that you have given a seminar, yet your employees just cannot remember a great deal of what […]