7 tips to improve social media engagement with interactive video

You’ve finished your masterpiece of an interactive video and now it’s time to share it with the world! Social media engagement is an essential part of your social media strategy and great for helping you reach your audience with interactive video content. Have you shared an interactive video on social media before? You might want […]

Customer Engagement Strategies for a Better Customer Retention

In this digital age, it’s not easy to stay competitive on the scene. Many companies innovate every day with their appealing advertisements to convince consumers to jump or shift to their services or product. Without a strong customer engagement strategy, you might be one step behind. And since we’re talking about effective digital material, interactive […]

5 reasons to make your product videos interactive

Since interactive videos are not just a trend, but they proved their advantage when it comes to boosting your conversion rate. Many businesses already considered including them as their way of advertisement.  Let’s be honest. These days, users want convenience — wherein they can do things simultaneously in one sitting. And that’s where interactive videos […]

The Best Shoppable Interactive Video for 2021

Interactive videos are on the rise and they have a significant advantage compared to reading an entire web page of a product or service’s information. Another advantage of embedding interactive videos in your website is it permits the users to have their own decision-making and a sense of user control. Also, interactive videos are fun […]

Anglure: pioneers in simplexity

One of our partners, Anglure, is a content marketing agency that is on top of everything related to video communication and marketing. They’re dedicated to bringing high quality brand stories to life with a results-oriented mindset. Anglure has everything necessary for successful storytelling, content creation and online marketing. They’re pioneers in simplexity: refining something complex […]