A Champion’s Guide to interactive video types

27 types of interactive video Did you know there are a lot of different ways to use interactive video? In the table below some of them are explained for inspiration. Some types require more preparation and thinking, while others are very easy and DIY-like. With every type, we also described which interaction could be useful. […]

How To Prepare Your Shooting Day Like A Pro

How To Prepare Your Shooting Day Like A Pro You finalized your script, you know what your video should look like… and now all you have to do is actually shoot the video. No stress, because we are going to help you out! Here are our top 5 tips and tricks to help you get […]

No more death by PowerPoint with interactive video

No more death by PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a very popular presentation software: it’s easy to use and very useful for visualizing your presentation. However, most of us will probably be familiar with the phrase “Death by PowerPoint”. And for good reason. With all the recent developments in software tools for presenting, you can step up your presentation game, for instance, […]

Four ways to create clickable buttons in your interactive videos

Using hihaho software on a screen to create interactive buttons

There are many ways to create clickable buttons in your interactive video. These buttons can be used to navigate through the video or to an external webpage, like your own website. We’ve made an overview of the four most effective ways to create such buttons in videos!   1. Text interaction The Text interaction is […]

Three ways to get information about your viewers

Two people watch a video in a coffee bar

It can be very useful to know who watched your video and how your questions were answered. Hihaho offers three different methods to collect this information. Would you like to find out which method would best suit your goals and situation? Then continue reading! Collect viewer data A very easy way to get to know […]

Get more clicks on your interactions

Get more clicks

“My video has been watched 3200 times, but only 50 people clicked on my first interaction. What can I do?” one of our users asked. You may be wondering the same. So here is some advice to get more clicks on your interactions!   1. Timing The purpose of interactive video is to engage your […]

Interview: 5 tips to quickly improve your video

A year ago, Ivo van Halen started working at hihaho as a product manager. Everything was still new then, but now, a year later, he is the one who decides what will be developed and fixed. Here are some tips from someone who uses hihaho every day! Hi Ivo, thanks for your time! So let’s […]

What video editing software would be best for you?

When you create videos, you’ll need video editing software to edit your scenes. Afterward, you can upload your video in hihaho and add buttons, a menu, hotspots, questions, and a lot more. But what video editing software would be best? Adobe Premiere Pro? iMovie? Davinci Resolve? Of course, this depends on your personal situation. For […]

How to write a script

So you’re about to be a scriptwriter! I’m glad for you, because writing scripts is one of the most creative tasks there is! Rule number one: there are no rules because your creativity should not be limited. But of course, we can give you some advice. Here we go! Step 1: Your goal Before you […]

How to create videos without filming

Making a video without using a camera. You might find yourself in need of footage that you can’t shoot yourself. What then? I would like to share my experience! Writing books is a great passion of mine. And I was thinking: how could I get the attention of a publisher? Then I decided to create […]