The story of CAREanimations’ success with interactive video

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Kirsten Ronda

Kirsten Ronda

15 March, 2021

Many people find it difficult to understand the information in a leaflet. Up to 40% of medicines are not used properly or not used at all. This is why CAREanimations decided to turn leaflets into interactive animated videos. Now, they are at 12.452 videos and still counting. Here is their success story!

For 30%-60% of people it’s difficult to understand, recollect or apply medical information. This leads to greater disease burden and more healthcare costs. For this reason, CAREanimations started creating animated videos, explaining this information to patients. By scanning a QR-code, for instance, people can watch the video about their medicine.

But there was one problem. “Many users came back to us saying the videos were too long”, Lili ten Berge, creative director at CAREanimations, explains. And that’s where hihaho came in.

The solution

Do you know the menu interaction ‘Table of contents’? This interaction turned out to be of great importance for CAREanimations. “Sometimes you just want to know if it is safe to drive while using this medicine, or what the side effects are”, Lili ten Berge says. “And to get to that information, you had to watch the whole video, or you had to fast-forward the video and search for the right information. But with interactivity, you can easily jump to the information you need.”

Rob Neeter, CEO of Careanimations, adds: “And you can also skip the introduction if you’ve already seen it in another video.” He also likes that they can do everything themselves. “We don’t have to ask hihaho for changes, we can just do everything in our own hihaho studio. That makes it very easy to work with.”

CAREanimations is a Dutch company, but due to their success, they were able to expand their business to seven other countries. “In The Netherlands, over 90% of pharmacies offer our videos to their patients. And health insurance companies provide a financial incentive to pharmacies to distribute our videos”, Neeter says. And what do the users think of the new improved video? Lili ten Berge laughs: “They don’t think the videos are too long anymore. They are very enthusiastic about the interactive elements!”

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