End of the year discount bundle

Special offer: 5 interactive video credits for €277! As opposed to the regular price of €435 for publishing five interactive videos, this bundle is perfect for sharing your first interactive videos or expanding your current video library. Claim your limited time offer right away!

“I already have my interactive video license, does this offer benefit me?”

Absolutely! Continue reading, because it may be a viable option to switch from your current licence to interactive video credits. Whether you’re publishing your first interactive video, already have a licence or work for a client, this bundle is perfect for you!

How does it work?

  1. After purchasing your bundle, 5 interactive video credits will be added to your account. Each credit can be redeemed for publishing an interactive video with:
    • A maximum file size of 500 mb;
    • A maximum amount of 25,000 views;
    • Unlimited interactions of all types;
    • Permanent publication until you run out of available views;
    • Access to video statistics;
    • Video sharing through URL, QR code, website embedding, xAPI or SCORM packages;
    • Adjustments to interactions after the video is published.
  1. You will immediately be able to publish 5 interactive videos with your credits. Either videos you have created already or videos you will create in the future.
  1. Optionally, you can have extra personalization features added to your interactive videos. These can be requested separately against a fee at any time. Please contact us to discover the possibilities for:
    • Increasing maximum upload file size
    • Increasing maximum amount of views
    • Branded video players
    • API’s
    • Automatically generating interactive videos

Starting December 16th, discounted bundles of 5 interactive videos are available to everyone: hihaho Lite and hihaho licensed users. The offer ends on January 2nd 11:59PM CET.  Don’t miss out on this limited time offer and claim your discount bundle today!

Terms and conditions

  • This promotion applies for both lite users and licensed users.
  • This promotion ends on December 31st 11:59PM CET.
  • There is no maximum number of bundles you can purchase. Every time you purchase a bundle of 5 interactive videos, it will charge the discounted price of €277.
  • The interactive video credits you buy will be valid for unlimited time.
  • The 5 interactive video credits will be added to your account immediately after purchasing a bundle.
  • After purchasing your bundle, you can add extra personalization options at any time. This can be done for a specific interactive video or for multiple videos.

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