Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is the trick that HiHaHo performs?

HiHaHo does not alter the original video. It just adds an extra interactive layer over it! In this layer all ‘clicks’ and play, pause and stop commands to the underlying video are processed.

What browsers and platforms are supported?


  • Google chrome
  • Internet Explorer 9 and higher
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • MS Edge


  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
Which of the browsers mentioned above works best with HiHaHo?

For the best HiHaHo editing experience, we advise you to use Google Chrome. But, any other modern and up-to-date browser will work fine, too.

Do my viewers have to install any software, app or plug-in?

No, not at all! HiHaHo is 100% internet-based. It uses HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to put the extra interactive layer over the video. So, pass on the link of your HiHaHo modified video to your students, and they can start watching right away.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

This also happens to us every now and then! That’s why we created a ‘Forgot your password?’ button on the sign-in page. Just click on the link, enter your email address, and you will receive an email with a link to set a new password.

Why does my video jump to a different time in the video, rather than just start at the beginning?

This is a common problem when it comes to videos imported via YouTube.

YouTube registers the time you have stopped watching the video and every time you open the video again, it will start where you left off, i.e. it will automatically jump back to around that point in the video.

To avoid this from happening to your video, you could try to edit in incognito mode in the Google Chrome web browser, without being signed onto your YouTube account.

If it’s your own video, you could also try to host the video on a different platform such as JWPlayer or Vimeo, since they don’t have this mechanism in place.

What is a player language?

A player language is the language used in a player. Currently, our website is only available in English and our enrichment tool is available in Dutch, English and German.

However, the player, which is the part your viewers will interact with, can be in several other different languages, such as French and Norwegian.

So whenever someone is watching a video set to, say, Swedish, then they all buttons and commands in the video, such as “Select one answer” will be set to Swedish.


What is your vision with respect to the future of learning?

We think that by 2020 most learning will be done by means of interactive video. We believe that, instead of a video being part of an elearning, interactive video itself will become the elearning. Furthermore, we believe that elearning videos will be short, i.e. containing only one topic or educational goal per video. We are convinced that interactive videos can provide the engagement needed for effective learning.

What is the difference between HiHaHo and tools like Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate?

HiHaHo is very easy to manage, even for inexperienced users! Adding interactivity to a video can be done in minutes instead of hours. Try our free HiHaHo account and see for yourself!

HiHaHo is 100% web based, so you can edit your HiHaHo videos on any pc or tablet with internet. The newest version of HiHaHo is always at your disposal; there is no need to update your software tool anymore!

What is the 10S model?

We developed the 10S model as an integrative checklist for making learning videos. 10S stands for the ten S-ses:

Short, Spiced, Spaced, Story, Social, Structured, Scenario, Score, SCORM and Skill.

Learn all about this model at the HiHaHo Academy or download our PDF about the 10S model.

What is SCORM?

SCORM, as a standard in elearning industry, is a communication protocol for exchanging information between educational content (like a HiHaHo video) and a Learning Management System. HiHaHo supports SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. More information can be found on or on our website

What is the Experience API (also known as xAPI or Tin Can API)?

The Experience API is the successor of SCORM. Using xAPI, you can register so called micro learnings, such as reading a book, attending a conference or watching a HiHaHo video. More information can be found on or on our website.

Experience API Guide


What about copyright? Is it legal to use HiHaHo on a public video?

In most cases, it is completely legal to use HiHaHo on a public video. Since this is a difficult and complicated matter, we’ve collected more information on copyright infringement laws here. You yourself are in charge of using public content with respect. Please do read our terms of service and our disclaimer, too. HiHaHo does not alter the underlying video, it just adds an extra interactive layer over it, which means that most copyright laws do not apply.

Moreover, HiHaHo will come to its full potential when you start making your own educational videos with interactivity in mind. In order to facilitate your first attempts, we encourage you to download and to read our 10S model in the HiHaHo Academy.


We want to start using HiHaHo for our entire company. What about a discount?

If you want five or more HiHaHo subscriptions, you can save money with our Corporate Plans. Please send your contact details to and we will get in touch with you.

I want to use HiHaHo for my school/college/university. Does HiHaHo offer educational pricing?

Of course we do! We welcome you with a HiHaHo discount of 50%, if you can provide us with evidence that you are a non-commercial educational institution.

Do you also develop plans for HiHaHo involving students?

Sorry, not at the moment. But please tell us about your ideas or intentions and send your proposals to Who knows, it might even create an opportunity to start a HiHaHo joint project.

Is it possible to get an invoice and to pay for HiHaHo by bank transfer?

Yes. We trust our clients. The service we use to arrange this for HiHaHo is Chargebee. In case of problems or difficulties of any kind, please let us know at


What does HiHaHo's future look like?

We still have a long list of various facilities and functionalities we desire to add to HiHaHo! There is a lot you can do to make your instructional video more powerful. Please let us know what kind of functions/interactions you wish to see in HiHaHo, by filling out our contact form.

What are the differences between a free and paid account?

A free account allows you to try almost all functionalities available on HiHaHo. The most important restrictive differences, compared to the paid accounts, are:

  • You can no longer publish a video, but only access the backhand. That means only you can edit and see what you’ve created
  • You will not be able to utilize the SCORM and Tin Can settings; these are essential for combining HiHaHo with a Learning Management System.
  • So, why not sign up for a paid subscription? Your first month is free anyway!
Do you accept guest posts, sponsored content, ads, or want to swap links?

Both yes and no.

We are open to new partnerships and cooperation, but we will not accept random and unsollicited content. If you would like to, for example, write a guest blog, please check our partnership page for more information or contact us via email or our social media channels.

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