Protecting your HiHaHo videos

You can protect your video's by limiting the users that can view your video. This can be done by uploading an Excel list which contains the users who should have access to the video. To go to the "Allowed Viewers"-page: Go to the video settings, click on "More options" in the top right and select "Allowed viewers".

Uploading a viewer list

You can upload an Excel list with your viewers. The list has to contain the first name, full name and email of the users.
Click the link to download an example.

Upload a viewer list

Protecting your video

If you have imported a viewer list, it is possible to protect your video. In the video settings you can set the availability to “Allowed viewers only”, this way the video is only viewable with the private link.

Setting the availability to “Allowed viewers only”

Downloading your viewer list

From the “Allowed viewers”-page you can download the viewer list, the list will then include the private URL which you can send to your viewers.
The list can also be imported in tools like MailChimp to generate emails which contain the private URLs.

Download a viewer list

Viewing the results

An overview will be generated of the current progress with an overview of who has seen/succeeded the video.

Viewing the results

Viewing the results of a single user

From the viewers table at the bottom you can click on “View sessions” to see the information for all views of that particular user.

Viewing the results of a single user

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