How to embed a HiHaHo video

This guide covers tips and tricks about embedding HiHaHo videos.

Player variables

Some variables for the player can be given through GET-parameters. You can, for example, auto-play the video through the auto-play parameter.{embed}?autoplay=1
Name Values Description
autoplay 0 or 1 Autoplays the video (If possible by browser/device combination)
t Unique id Token for the viewer of the video

Optional variables

The optional variables can be given through the GET-parameters. For example:{embed}?email=

Input masks

The optional variables must be filled in by the user when starting the video. There are several default values which will check the values for correctness, for example Email, PostalCode-NL and Zip-Code-US. It is possible to use other values, these will not be checked, but they are saved. The user will see the description, make sure this is a clear description!

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