Using URLs in HiHaHo videos

This guide provides tips and tricks on how to use URLs in your HiHaHo videos.

This guide provides tips and tricks on how to use URLs in your HiHaHo videos.

Using http(s) links

You can enter links in the following formats. Unlike “special” links, regular links are not limited to a platform/device.


Special links and a few examples

Special links can open an app or perform an action on the computer of the user, for example sending an email.

These links are limited, because an app/program must be installed on the clients’ device or else the link simply won’t work.

Sending an email

This works on desktop and mobile, but requires an email client like Outlook on windows or Gmail on Android.

Mailto links can be used to send an email to a provided email address. The user that clicks this link will be prompted to open an email client and a new mail will be automatically filled in with your provided data.


You can also provide an subject by appending ?subject=mail_subject to the link
mailto://?subject=Sending an email

Sending a Whatsapp message

Only works on phones with Whatsapp installed.

Send a Whatsapp message to a phone number


Calling a phone number

Only works on phones.

You can prompt the user to call a phone number. This will not work on every device, but it will mainly work on mobile devices (phones).


Opening a Facebook page

Only works on mobile devices (iPad/tablets and phones) and requires the Facebook app.

Linking to a Facebook profile page is also possible. Using a normal link like “” would be a better option, because this link works even if facebook is not installed on the clients’ device.


Calling a Skype user

Works on desktop and mobile, but requires Skype to be installed.

Opening Skype and making a call to an user.


Calling a FaceTime user

Only works on iOS devices.

Prompt the user to make a call via FaceTime.


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