Guide to Vimeo with HiHaHo

Welcome to the guide about Vimeo videos in HiHaHo.
Warning: Vimeo does not work well on iPhones without a Vimeo Pro account. To ensure that your videos have the best quality possible, make sure you connect HiHaHo with your Vimeo account.


Connecting your Vimeo account with HiHaHo

When you connect the two accounts, it will be easier to enrich your Vimeo videos. The advantages of connecting the two accounts are that:

  • you can select a new video from your private videos.
  • HiHaHo can configure the Vimeo video for optimal experience. (see ‘Optimal Vimeo settings’)

Screenshot of the Connection settings.

Optimal Vimeo settings

To get the best viewing experience for your own videos that are hosted on Vimeo, edit the following settings on Vimeo. You can find these settings when you go to the Vimeo website, and after having logged on, you click on one of your own videos, and then go to settings.


The following settings will make the Vimeo player as minimalistic as possible, meaning it will overlap less with the HiHaHo player.


Name Value
Player Preferences – Portrait Always hide
Player Preferences – Title Always hide
Player Preferences – Byline Always hide
Always use a specific color Disabled
Show Like button Disabled
Show Watch Later button Disabled
Show Share button Disabled
Show Embed button Disabled
Show Fullscreen button Disabled
Show Play bar Enabled
Volume control Disabled
Vimeo logo Disabled
Use a custom logo Disabled
Outro Show nothing


Screenshot of the optimal Vimeo settings.


Use the following settings when you don’t want your video to be publicly accessible on Vimeo, but just want to embed it on HiHaHo to enrich it.

Name Value
Who can watch this video? Hide this video from
Where can this video be embedded? Only on sites I choose
Who can comment on this video? No one
What can people do with this video? Download it: Disabled


Screenshot of the optimal Vimeo privacy settings.

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