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Video is by far the most effective way to transfer information. More than 90% of viewers remember information from a video three days later, whereas information from written text is only remembered by 10% of readers. Video increases efficiency of gaining knowledge which improves employee competence and ensures patient safety. In this article we will look at three examples of how interactive videos improved employee performance in healthcare.

Benefits of using interactive video for medical

Interactive video helps employees work more efficiently because it allows them to get the right information at the right moment. Gained knowledge from videos is directly applied in the workplace which improves the quality of their work. This way employees are more motivated to learn, when they can learn and apply the information at the exact moment they need it. Now, let’s get into practical applications of interactive video in healthcare.

High-risk activities

Procedures in healthcare often include risks for both patients and healthcare employees. Their safety is the number one priority and interactive video is the key to ensure this.

Healthcare provider Zorgbalans implemented interactive video to support their education on infection prevention. The video showcases how Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is applied to prevent infections while treating COVID-19 patients. Interactive video enabled Zorgbalans to make such information more accessible and clear.

Zorgbalans covid instruction video

“Interactive video is a very valuable tool to provide our employees with necessary support and knowledge in the workplace. This is the future of both theoretical and practical learning.”

Melanie Hekking, Training Advisor at Zorgbalans

Keeping medical information up to date

Medical knowledge is constantly updated to improve treatments. Dutch hospital Catharina Ziekenhuis used interactive video to get their employees up to speed on the changes in COVID-19 treatment methods.

Their video informs and tests medical personnel efficiently on subjects such as recognizing symptoms, monitoring, and treating patients.

The benefit of using interactive video is that information in the video can always be added or adjusted. Videos can also be reused for repeated certification if necessary.

Safely applying medical technology

Patients leave the hospital with physical harm caused by medical equipment more often than necessary. With easy access to information about this equipment a lot of these cases can be prevented.

OK learning, a publisher for eLearning and online training programmes, created interactive videos to simulate performing robotic surgery. The whole process, from setting up the robot to operating it for surgery, is displayed in an interactive experience. This makes the steps to follow as clear as possible.

The shown actions can directly be applied in the workplace. This leads to faster learning, faster adoption of new technologies and equipment, and tasks being performed with more ease and fewer risks.

OK learning robot surgery


Hihaho helped these healthcare organizations optimize their workflow with interactive video. The use of video for transferring information can speed up learning processes and reduce risks in procedures and the use of medical technology.

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