Interactive Video

Interactive videos are a revolutionary new approach to learning. From tutoring the kid next door to teaching procedural steps to your company’s employees; the possibilities stretch as far as your imagination can go. By combining both the visual and theoretical aspect of learning with interactions, teaching and learning become even easier.

HiHaHo Video Enrichment?

Yes! HiHaHo Video Enrichment! This is the perfect tool for you to use this new approach to learning. With HiHaHo Video Enrichment, you can add an extra layer of interactivity onto a video without having to edit the video itself. HiHaHo already offers eleven great interactions that will help you make your video unique. And, our team is working on more ideas every day. It’s easy! Check out more information below!


HiHaHo offers twelve distinct interactions to make your video as interactive as possible.

Want to learn more about what these interactions can mean to you?


Add questions to your video to test your viewers knowledge or to survey their opinions. You can also include feedback and add a score value.

Pause screen

Use pause screens to pause the video at a specific time. Insert text to your pause screen to ask your viewer a reflective question or to provide a summary.

Jump To

Skip parts of the video that you find irrelevant. You can jump forward and backwards, giving you the option to create a loop in your video.


One of the basic requirements of our product has always been that it should be so easy to work with that it could be regarded as “granny-proof”. That is why we have made HiHaHo Video Enrichment easy to work with, even for those who have never worked with these kind of programs. So don’t fret, try it out! Of course, we do provide some additional information for the trickier bits with our guides and our extra information on your dashboard, editing videos, and the settings.

We have a passion for education. One of our major requirements of our HiHaHo Video Enrichment services is that it can be easily incorporated in digital learning technology. That is why we support SCORM and xAPI (Tin Can) both digitally and emotionally, which allows you to use any enriched HiHaHo video in an LMS or VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), which allows you to easily access the data and scores of your videos and export them. Find more information on elearning integration here.

eLearning integration through xAPI and SCORM

We love videos as much as you do and that is why we made it easy for you to import videos from the biggest video streaming services. Click here for more information on video integration.

Use YouTube Vimeo and JWPLayer as source for your interactive videos

Import existing videos

Simply get started by importing any existing video, e.g. from YouTube or Vimeo. Use the search bar to look for the video that you want to enrich, or just add the URL.

Use your video channel

Connect HiHaHo to your personal YouTube, Vimeo, or JW Player account to make importing videos even easier.


We don’t expect everyone to learn Dutch to use our tool. That is why our website and tool are also available in English.

Our player is currently available in English, Dutch, German, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Danish and Indonesian. We hope to add even more languages over time, however.

Doudou loves to make puns of our names.

User Management

You decide who gets access to your interactive videos! Be inclusive and send them a generic or personalized URL. Forget having to log in on an ELO or LMS first; your viewers can watch any video they have access to, all in one place! Provide access to the video through WhatsApp, a QR code, or a personalized e-mail. If you’d like, you can also keep your videos to yourself.

“The interactive videos make learning very dynamic. I’m receiving a lot of positive feedback. People now get a better idea of what the job entails and that would never have been possible with just the pure and abstract theory.”

Herold Boertjens

CEO, Famostar - Emergency Lighting


Change Management: From Civil Servant to Consultant

Change Management: From Civil Servant to Consultant

Changing the mindset of civil servants overnight isn’t the easiest thing. If possible at all.

But with our Triple Blend Learning™ project, we successfully helped civil servants become consultants, too.

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