HiHaHo has several extra editing features to make it even easier to create your interactive video. These are: the preview video, filter, grid, layer management and the possibility to import interactions. Let’s discuss those in a little more detail:
Interactive video preview


While you’re enriching your video, there will be a preview of the video at all times on the left side of your screen. This way, you will directly see what your interaction will look like in the final video, even before you save an interaction you’re working on.

To see what the viewers’ experience will be, click on the green preview button to see the final product. This page will be the exact same page as the page your viewers will see when your video is not embedded somewhere else, but links straight to HiHaHo.


As you insert more interactions to a video, your interaction list will get bigger. To make it easier to find a specific interaction in your long list of interactions, you can use the Filter feature to search for a specific interaction type.

For example, you can filter out all the interactions that aren’t text interactions, when you need to edit a specific text interaction. To open the Filter, click on the left button below the preview video, that looks like a funnel.

Interactive video filter
Interactive video grid


A grid makes it easier to outline your interactions. You can choose to use either a rough or a detailed grid. When activated, your interactions will attach themselves to the grid lines as you move or enlarge them.

When the grid is off, you can freely move and resize the interactions.To select the Grid, click on the middle button below the preview video, that looks like, well, a grid!

Layer Management

If you create several interactions at the same time in a video, it is useful to determine which layer has to be at the top and which has to be in the background. Using the Layer management, you can precisely define which layer goes on top of another. The rule is: 1 is the lowest number and represents the lowest layer, with 100 being the highest layer.

For example, if you have a layer with 56 as its numerical value, it will appear above a layer with, say, a numerical value of 43. To open the Layer manager, click on the right button below the preview video that looks like a little pile of squares. And don’t forget to save the changes you’ve made!

Interactive video layer management

Importing Interactions

If you want interactions from one video also in another one, you can manage this by using the import interaction tool. Simply select the video you want to import interactions from, and click the interactions you need. You can recognize the interaction you need by its title and its location in time in the video.

Interactive video importing interactions

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