With this interaction, you can add images, logos, and holiday pictures to the video.

Simply insert images from your files using the Image interaction. Browse for the image on your device or, when using Google Chrome, simply drag and drop the image onto the screen.

In addition to regular photo files such as PNG, you can also upload gifs into your interactive video.

When you insert a transparent PNG image, you can add a background color to your image. You can also link an action type to the image for when the viewer clicks on the image, such as a jump or hyperlink. For example, you might want to link an image to your LinkedIn profile, so that when a viewer clicks the picture, they get more information on you.

HiHaHo saves all pictures you have used before; if you need to add the same picture again, just click “select image” and you will be able to choose from all your previously uploaded images.

Furthermore, you can edit the image by rounding the corners of the image with a slider, adding a (colored) border, and changing the size.

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