Sometimes, all a video needs is a bit of structure. Well, with this interaction you can create a menu for your video, so that your viewers will always know where to go.

When you insert a Menu, you can organize the content of your video. For example, if your video covers four subjects, you can start the video with a menu interaction. In this menu, you list these four different ‘chapters’ and you link each chapter to the corresponding time in the video. When the viewer clicks on a specific chapter, they will directly jump to the start of that part of the video. In addition, you can choose whether the video continues to play all the chapters and subjects in a sequence or whether the video jumps back to the menu at the end of every chapter using a Jump to interaction.

You can also use the Menu interaction as a pause screen of sorts in your video, in which you can give your viewer the option to watch or revisit a certain part of the video, e.g. jump to a specific time in the video, or to link them to a specific website for more information. Using hyperlinks in your menu gives you the opportunity to link the viewer to other videos.

In addition, you can link a menu item to a specific interaction in your video. For example, you can create a menu item ‘Exam’, which you can link to a Question interaction. In HiHaHo, you can link a menu item to any of the interactions you inserted to your video. This saves time, and gives the opportunity to make precise jumps. In addition, you can see where the chapters start on your timeline, rather than having to insert the specific times again.

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