Pause Screen

Everyone needs a break from time to time. Why not insert a pause screen? It’s great for taking a break or for when you want to give people time to read or think about what they’ve just seen.

If you want your video to automatically pause at a specific time, you can insert a Pause screen. This will cause the video to pause, and it will only continue after you have clicked on the video again.

You can alter the layout of a Pause screen to make it look more appealing and suitable for your video. Change the size of the pause screen, the background color, transparency, text size, text color, text outline, etcetera.

Finally, you can also use the Pause screen to create a question, combining a non-interactive background, such as a Text interaction or an Image, with a Pause screen interaction. When you create a non-interactive background, the video will only continue when you click on the Pause screen. Resizing and moving the Pause screen to the area you want the viewer to click, e.g. the correct country in a geography question, will create a question where the video will only continue when the viewer selects the correct ‘area’.

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