Questions are a great way to engage your audience. With these questions, you can see whether they have understood the previous sections, how they think about certain subjects, or to finally get the answer to unanswered questions such as “Why are we here?” and “What is the meaning of life?”.

Note: The Essay Question has since been added to HiHaHo.

There are four different types of questions you can add to your video with HiHaHo:

Multiple Choice

Ask a question and create several possible answers, e.g. “What is the capital of England”. Then assign the correct answer.

Multiple Response

Create a question that has several correct answers, e.g. “What are the three biggest cities of England”. After you have created several answers, select the ones that are correct.

Open Question

A fill-in-the-blank question, e.g. “The capital of England is …” or “What is this England you keep on referring to?”. After you have created your question, you can insert all the answers you would count as correct.

If the answer of a viewer corresponds with one of the answers you inserted, the answer will be approved.

Essay Question

Unlike the three other question types, this is not a right or wrong question. You can formulate an essay question, in which the viewer is free to write their own answer, e.g. “Describe your favorite area in England”.

The answer can later on be graded. The essay question is also very useful for reflective questions, e.g. “Did you find this video useful?” or “Do you like our extensive use of e.g.?”

You can assign feedback to all the question types listed, which will be given directly after the question has been answered. In addition, you can redirect the viewer to a certain part of the video, based on the answer given, e.g. to a specific chapter in which the subject is explained. To do so, assign an action type to an answer. It is also possible to repeat the question in case the answer that has been given was graded wrong, to shuffle the answers, and to assign specific amounts points per question. This way, certain questions will account for a higher percentage of the grade.

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